12 Benefits Of A Business Card

Despite being one of the oldest advertising methods around, business cards remain one of the most popular ways to increase brand identity and share contact information. But what is it that makes business cards so great – and should you be thinking about picking some up for your company?

Below, you’ll find a selection of the key business card benefits, from low printing costs to ease of distribution.

1. Affordable Advertisement

The first benefit of using business cards is their affordability. When compared to other advertising options such as billboards or a digital marketing campaign, business cards are an extremely cheap choice.

Despite their low price point, a business card is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness and gaining more clients. A batch of business cards can access just as many potential clients as a billboard, and the nature of a physical card means they are more likely to leave a lasting impact.

2. Perfect For Events

If your company regularly attends networking events or trade shows, then a business card strategy is going to be extremely beneficial. You don’t want people to like and appreciate your work, but then forget what your brand was called when they get home.

Placing a business card stack on your table is a great way to ensure that anyone who needs your contact information can get it with ease.

3. Tangible

In the digitised world that we live in, a tangible object like a business card holds a lot of value. Bulk emails and SMS marketing definitely have their place, but sometimes it’s nice to have a well-designed business card that you can actually pick up.

A business card serves as a physical reminder about your business and is much more likely to leave a memorable impression than something on a screen.

4. Easy Distribution

Another advantage of a business card is that it is very easy to distribute. You can give them out in person, leave them in coffee shops, or even display them on a public wall. Business cards allow you to spread the word about your business with ease.

In this business world, it’s standard procedure to trade business cards with new contacts after you meet them. This is a fantastic way to network, especially for a small business.

5. People Won’t Forget Your Email

There’s nothing worse than finding an interesting business at an event but have no way to get in touch with them when you get home. This is also a travesty for businesses that could be missing out on a lot of new clients.

Giving out a card is the best way to ensure that no one is going to forget your key information.

6. Gives A Great First Impression

One thing that is often overlooked about company cards is the professionalism that they convey. Personal cards have been around for a long time, and are highly respected amongst business people – handing out a business card lets people know that you’re serious.

7. Small And Convenient

A business card is also very convenient. Taking a card is never a burden for a potential client – they don’t have to carry anything heavy around and can slip it into their wallet comfortably.

There’s also something strangely satisfying and rewarding about the size of a business card.

8. Gives A Visual Aid To Remember Your Business

As humans, we often remember things better when we have visual aids to assist us. A business card does this perfectly, linking your contact details with attractive, eye-catching branding.

This is one of the reasons why the design of your business card is so important.

9. Doesn’t Expire

Unlike other advertising material, business cards don’t expire. If you were to pay for online advertising, then your ads might be up for a few days before being removed. A business card can hang in a wallet or on the fridge for a very long time.

10. Very Versatile

A theme that runs throughout all of these benefits is versatility. A business card is suitable for a wide variety of situations, and nearly any business could get something out of a card strategy. You also have the freedom to include any and all the information that you want on each card.

Some clever company owners have even printed QR codes on their cards that link to an introductory video on their business website.

11. Proven Success Rate

Company cards have been used for decades and have always proven themselves to be valuable assets. Their success hasn’t been thwarted by the digital age, and they are still one of the best tools for lead generation.

12. Lets People Know What You’re All About

In summary, a business card lets people know exactly what your company is all about.

A great card will accurately convey your business’s values and areas of expertise, whilst at the same time including the most important information that new customers will need.


Are business cards really worth it?

There are lots of fantastic reasons to invest in some branded cards. They give your brand a professional feel, help potential clients remember your details, and are extremely convenient. Most importantly, they are very affordable, especially when compared to other marketing and advertising campaigns.

In our opinion, business cards are absolutely worth it. You’ll struggle to find anything else that offers this many advantages for a similar cost.

Are business cards a good marketing tool to help expand brand awareness?

Definitely. Business cards are perfect for handing out at events and exhibitions to potential new clients. People are much more likely to keep your services in mind if they have a business card stuck on their fridge or in their wallet.

In a digital age where nearly everything is virtual, being able to give someone a tangible object can be a big advantage. Even though business cards have been around for a long time, it doesn’t mean that they’re not great marketing tools.

Should I design my own business cards?

Designing your own cards is the best way to convey the unique personality of your brand. By adding your logos, contact details, and business name, your potential clients will have everything they need to request your services.

You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes to create something that truly reflects your brand identity. This process should be exciting – don’t be afraid to get creative during the design stages!

Are there any disadvantages to using business cards to attract customers?

The main drawback of business cards is that you must physically meet someone in order to give them a card. That said, business cards give a much more personal touch than a bulk email, and business cards have a much higher conversion rate as a result.

The best way to use company cards is to combine them with a comprehensive branding strategy. This will diversify your methods to attract clients and most likely lead to more sales.

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