A Paper sizes & Printing Dimensions Guide

When you’re printing out standard documents on an at-home printer, you don’t normally need to think too much about the size – they’re usually single sheets of A4. However, if you’re printing something a different size – or are printing specific marketing or advertising material, you may need to use a different size. Did you […]

DL Sizes Compared

When it comes to paper sizes, most people know what A4 size is. But if you’ve ever heard of the lesser-known DL sizes, you may be wondering what exactly they are. If this is the case, then you’re in luck. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide about exactly what DL sizes are, and what they’re […]

Business Card Photo Tips

Have you ever left a networking event with a bunch of new business cards, only to forget who’s who? Thought so! The thing is, it doesn’t matter how fancy a company’s logo or brand name is, the face of a company is much easier to remember. Very popular with real estate agents and medical professionals, […]

Rounded Or Square Business Cards

Are you a person who likes to think outside of the box? You might not have considered the possibility of different shaped business cards which aren’t rectangular or square. But did you know you can actually get business cards with rounded corners? Opting for a more unique design for your business cards could help to […]

Networking Business Cards

Have you thought about a business card for your personal brand or to make your business easy to find? Some people think the age of business cards has come to end, but that’s not quite the case. It’s true that many products and services have successfully gone digital in recent times, but there is also […]

Linen Business Cards Vs Matte

Linen and matte business cards are some of our most popular cards here at Space Print – and for good reason. Both cards combine a premium, tactile finish with a professional aesthetic. However, despite these shared qualities, they couldn’t be more different. If you’re finding it difficult to determine which business card stock is best […]

Gloss or Matte Business Cards – Which One Suits Your Business?

Running a company usually brings with it some pretty tough decisions. Financial decisions, strategic choices, key structural changes, and, most importantly, deciding whether you want matte or gloss business cards! On a more serious note, choosing the right business card style for your company can make all the difference to whether or not customers and […]

12 Benefits Of A Business Card

Despite being one of the oldest advertising methods around, business cards remain one of the most popular ways to increase brand identity and share contact information. But what is it that makes business cards so great – and should you be thinking about picking some up for your company? Below, you’ll find a selection of […]