Business Card Paper Stock Weight

When printing business cards, you may think it’s enough to have a good design and contact information. But using high-quality paper can make all the difference to a potential client.

It is attention to detail that makes for a truly memorable business card, and choosing the right paper weight for your cards can help make a lasting impression. If you’re looking for professional cards that are sure to dazzle your clients, you’ll need to understand the importance of using the best business card paper weight.

How Is Business Card Weight Measured?

Paper weight is commonly measured in GSM – that’s Grams per Square Metre for short. Simply put, this equates to how many grams a square metre of the card weighs.

A higher GSM value means a heavier, denser business card – often indicating higher quality printer paper. Most business cards have a paper weight of 350GSM, but the weight that’s right for you will depend on your budget and the purpose of your cards!

300GSM is quite lightweight and commonly cheaper, while a weight of 400GSM is more durable than the standard thickness of 350GSM. If you’re feeling fancy, 450GSM is often the sturdiest weight – this is a more expensive option for promoting your brand.

Why Is GSM Important?


Chances are you’ll want your business cards to look their best, right? After all, they represent you and your brand, and there’s nothing worse than making a bad first impression.

We’ve already talked about the most common business card paper weights, so you’ll know that 300GSM is often the lightest and cheapest quality. This means that not only is it less premium-feeling than heavier cards, but it is also more likely to crease and be more vulnerable to damage.

No one likes a wrinkly business card. A good business card should be flexible and be able to withstand bending. This is why paper weight matters. The stronger and thicker the card, the less likely it is to be damaged by creasing.


The belief that it is a waste of money to buy heavier business cards is a myth. In fact, it is quite the opposite if it means the cards are more durable in the long run.

Any business owner should know that their cards are not always treated well. They’re stuffed in wallets and pockets, tossed around, and forgotten at the bottom of briefcases. We hate to break it to you, but if your cards are lightweight, they don’t stand a chance of remaining intact.

This is why it makes sense to invest in business cards with a higher paper weight. Doing so will mean they remain legible even after being crushed in a bag or crowded wallet. You want your prospective client to remember you. A sturdy business card ensures they will.


You wouldn’t wear your dirtiest hoodie and oldest jeans to work. So why would you want your business cards to look anything less than professional?

The appearance of your business cards can make or break a first impression, so it’s essential to pay attention to the finer details of your cards. Paper weight plays an important role in business card design, and choosing the right paper weight can make all the difference.

A slightly sturdier business card can often look more attractive and proves to your prospective client that you’re serious about your business. After all, if you’re not prepared to invest in high-quality business cards, a potential client may wonder whether your services are worth the cost.


The look and feel of a business card has a lot to do with paper weight. It’s simple, really – the thicker and denser the paper is, the sturdier and more reassuring the heft. This will help your card feel appealing and professional.

The type of finish can also influence the density and feel of your card. Not only will a quality finish such as velvet or matt cello make your business cards more robust and durable, but it can also create a nicer texture that’s sure to wow any client!

Whether you choose a glossy paper with near-photographic quality or a sophisticated matte stock with a timeless, velvety texture, it’s important to remember that paper weight and a suitable finish have more impact on feel than you may think.

Which Card Weights Are Available At Space Print?

At Space Print, we offer a wide variety of business card paper options and stock types, available in an extensive range of different finishes. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to grow or an established brand expanding its audience, you can grab your own business cards to match your unique style and branding.

Our economy business cards start at 350GSM, perfect for promoting your business without breaking the bank. If you feel like going a little bit fancier, why not try our premium range? This sturdy 450GSM stock makes for a beautiful batch of business cards guaranteed to impress your clients.

With free delivery across Australia and an unrivalled level of customer service, Space Print is THE place to shop for all your business cards and marketing materials. Check out our range of amazing business cards you won’t find anywhere else.

How To Choose The Best Card Stock For You

Your budget

Choosing the right business card paper for your budget depends on your brand image, as well as the average amount of money each customer will bring to your company. Let’s say you charge each client $5 for the use of your services. In this case, it isn’t worth investing in expensive cards, as you would potentially be spending more than you would get back in return.

On the other hand, if you know that your clients will spend $5000, it would definitely be a wise business decision to purchase high-quality cards. Clients will expect professionalism from your business and, due to a high return on investment, any expense would be worth it.

While choosing a more expensive paper stock may be the right choice for some businesses, others would benefit from selecting a more cost-effective option.

Your designs

When creating a business card design, there are many points to consider. You want the look of your cards to reflect your business and stand out to potential clients. That’s why it is essential to choose a card stock that matches your image.

Selecting a paper type that compliments your designs can greatly enhance the final look of your card. Many designs look better on thicker paper with a matte finish, while others look their best when presented in a glossy coating.

Sometimes, the best paper weight for your brand image may actually be lower. For instance, our kraft paper is incredibly durable – but quite thin. This is because it’s made in an eco-friendly way. If your brand image involves being eco-conscious, using a lower paper weight such as kraft may actually be the best choice for you as it signals eco-awareness.

The purpose of your cards

Ultimately, the main purpose of any business card is to promote a company and its services. But it is also a good idea to consider whether your cards will have an additional use.

Many professional business cards double as appointment cards, allowing clients to write down details of upcoming appointments. A smart matte finish is often the best option for this type of card, as the sleek coating of glossy stocks is near impossible to write on in pen.

Coated Or Uncoated Finish?

Honestly, it’s all up to you, but we’re here to explain the benefits of both and why the finish is important…

The great thing about coated cards is that they’re generally more durable, and often look more appealing to a fussier customer. This finish will make your cards stand out as it creates a slicker, shinier look, and can even increase the card’s density due to the sealant used to protect it.

Uncoated cards are preferred by businesses who want to be able to write on their cards. The solidity of uncoated paper means that the ink is less likely to smudge, and it can often look brighter in natural light due to its lack of reflection.

Final Thoughts

It’s not just an eye-catching design that makes a business card unique. What separates your business card from the rest is your attention to the finer details.

Choosing the right paper weight and stock type is essential for a memorable business card. It just might mean the difference between gaining a client or losing their interest completely.


What weight of card stock is used for business cards?

One of the most common weights for a business card is 350GSM. However, they can also weigh from as little as 250GSM up to as much as 450GSM.

What are the benefits of high GSM card stock?

A business card with a high GSM value can be a worthwhile investment. Not only is it much more flexible and more likely to resist creasing, but it can often look more professional to a potential client.

Which business card stock is the cheapest?

Generally speaking, the lighter the card, the cheaper the costs. Here at Space Print, our cheapest option are 350GSM economy business cards.

Which paper stock is best for double-sided printing?

A sturdier paper weight of around 350GSM is commonly used for double-sided printing. This helps to avoid ink bleeding through to the opposite side of the paper.

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