Business Card Shapes – Which Suits Your Business?

Are you bored with the shape of your business cards? Wish you could mix it up a bit? Well, you can! Business card shapes don’t have to be boring, but which shape do you choose? Which design would suit your business?

If you’re interested in creatively shaped business cards, be sure to keep reading! From what to consider to which business card custom shapes are perfect for your brand, we’ve got all the tips and advice you need here!

5 Standard Business Card Shapes

First, let’s take a look at the standard shaped business cards you’ll come across frequently. But, even these supposedly “boring” shapes can be fun!

1) Rectangular

Although not usually seen as one of the most creative business cards, rectangular cards are still firm favourites with many business owners. You can’t go wrong with this classic shape, but since it’s very widely used, you may want to add a few touches, so yours stands out.

You could use a thicker, high-quality stock for a business card that feels heavier and more luxurious. Go with a matte or eggshell finished for a more professional texture. If vibrance is more important, choose a UV or gloss finish.

2) Folded

Having your business cards printed in a folded design is perfect if you want to leave them on tables at events that have reserved seats. However, you can still hand them out like regular business cards, making them more versatile.

This business card design has double the space for your important information, such as brand and contact details. This means the benefits of leaflet and brochure designs can (to a certain point) apply to folded cards.

3) Slim

For something a bit more classy and elegant, slim shaped business cards make a bold statement! The proportions are only a tad different than standard business cards, but they’re enough to create various aesthetic possibilities.

This business card design is perfect for short slogans or long horizontal brand logos. Like traditional business cards, it’s advisable to use thicker stock to get that ultra-professional feel.

4) Rounded corners

This business card design really demonstrates your attention to detail. Business cards with rounded corners also prevent unsightly dents and creases, meaning they’ll stay looking newer for longer!

You can also have decorative borders to further accentuate the cool and classy round edges, wowing potential customers even more! As with other shaped business cards, opt for thicker stock to get that heavy-duty feel.

5) Square

If you’re in the mood to be different but not too crazy, square business cards are the way to go! They’re less commonly seen than rectangular cards but still give that unique wow factor.

Square business cards are ideal for companies with square, circular, or other equilateral logos. But, even if your business has a logo that is none of those, you can still design a variation that will fit.

We offer full-colour printing with every business card template you could think of! If you’re looking for custom die-cut cards or personalised designs, feel free to contact us and see how we can help you!

5 Uniquely Shaped Business Card Ideas

Next, let’s take a look at some more unique and custom shaped business cards. Perfect for those who want their personality to shine through and create a lasting impression on potential clients and business associates!

1) 3D

If you want to stand out, literally, then a 3D business card is perfect! They demand attention, and when you’re in a sea of eager entrepreneurs trying to make their mark at networking events and trade shows, that’s exactly what you want!

When everyone else is handing out little slips of flimsy paper, your sturdy 3D business card will be remembered! And they won’t break the bank either – many are super affordable.

2) Circular

If your business has a circular logo, circle business cards are a perfect match! Additionally, they can be used as coasters, making them perfect for seated events.

Although they’re great for round logos, their versatile shape would suit any graphic design.

3) Tools

Are you a butcher? A photographer? Or maybe a plumber? If tools are an important part of your everyday work life, having business cards in their shape is a great way to make lasting impressions on people.

They’re fun, quirky, and they’ll show your personality. Not only that, but straight away, it will tell people exactly what you do!

4) Envelope

Have you got a greetings card business? If so, what better way to show off your company than with envelope-shaped business cards?

Fun, unique, and to the point, envelope business cards are the perfect touch to advertise your card company or any other business involving cards and letters!

5) Speech bubble

Set yourself apart from the competition with some unique speech bubble shaped business cards! This is a super fun way of telling potential customers what it is you do.

A speech bubble business card is also a great way of representing the social side of branding!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, uniquely shaped business cards are a great way of standing out from the crowd. Just be sure to pick a design that’s relevant to your business. For example, don’t choose a hammer-shaped design if you’re a photographer!


Should I get custom shaped business cards for my business?

If you want to be different and unique, custom shaped business cards are a great idea! With today’s technology, there’s no reason why business card shapes have to be boring.

If you’re handing out quirky and fun business cards, there’s far more chance of people remembering you and following up with you.

What should I consider when choosing the shape of my business card?

The most important thing to consider is if the shape is relevant to your business. Will it make sense to people? After that, consider if the shape of your logo will fit onto the card? If not, a custom size will probably be needed.


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