How To Make Business Cards – Design Tips and Guidelines

With the growth of social media and other technology in marketing, many businesses overlook the powerful impact that a well-designed business card can have in promoting your business.

Your business card may be your customer’s first interaction with your brand, so it’s crucial to make the perfect first impression that will subsequently leave a lasting impression.

With our How to Design a Business Card Design with Space Print: Step-by-Step Guide, you will have no problem creating the perfect card to leave a lasting impression and attract customers to your business.

Why You Need A Great Business Card In 2021:

Do you want to pursue your true passion by starting a new business or beginning a side hustle?

Our business cards can give you a helping hand to kick start your business.

Using business cards in 2021 is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd and convey your brand’s personality to customers.

Handing out business cards is easy and allows you to inject personality into your interactions with potential clients in business meetings or when out in public.

When you include crucial design components and contact details outlined in our guide, business cards become invaluable for your marketing materials toolkit.

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Before You Start

Gathering your tools: Logo, Colour schemes, and Branding

We believe a business card does more than present just your contact information. In addition to concise and well-presented contact details, our customers have reported that an eye-catching logo and colour scheme are the most important factors in promoting their brands.

Effective visual choices on your business card will draw potential customers, so they should convey your brand identity and personality. This will make customers more likely to remember your brand!

Know what you want to achieve

Before you create your card, you should consider what you aim to communicate;

  • Are you a business or an individual?
  • What reactions or emotions do you want to evoke in potential clients when reading and looking at your Business Card Design?
  • Will this align with your brand image (how your customers view you) and your brand identity (how you wish to present yourself to your target groups)?

These are questions you must consider and reflect on before designing and purchasing your card.

Research other designs that you like

Have you seen a business card design that you like from another brand? What is it you liked about it? It’s okay to get inspiration from other cards you like and use it to influence your own cards.


How to Design a Business Card Design with Space Print: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Choose a size & shape

After choosing from our wide variety of business card options and selecting the quantity you would like, you must choose the size you would like your card to be.

You may want to use this standard size, or you may want to stand out from the crowd and select a larger or smaller size to reflect your brand personality.

You may choose any size from 86 x 54mm to 90 x 55mm, and we also offer custom sizing. We recommend our 90 x 45mm option for a thinner and slender card.

When designing your card, you should also keep these factors in mind;

  • Bleed area – This is the area that will be trimmed off.
  • Trim line – The line that will be targeted for cutting the card.
  • Safety line – Anything outside this line could mistakenly be cut. Essential elements like text or logos must be within this line.

Step 2: Find the best font

It may be a good idea to select a font for your business card that you have been using on your website and other marketing materials. This can help to align all the elements of your marketing materials, develop your brand personality, and augment your brand image in the eyes of your potential clients/customers.

Your font should be easily read. We recommend a minimum font size of 8pt, and important information such as your company name printed in bold with a font size greater than 12pt.

Step 3: Decide what’s going on each side

A business card design that is effective usually includes information on both sides. For example, you may decide to use the reverse side as a loyalty card with loyalty stamp boxes, a discount coupon, a QR code, or a short message to your potential client.

Generally, it is a good idea to include something that reveals more about your business to your customer or offer them something of value.

Step 4: Position your visual branding

Now that you have selected your size, shape, font, and contents for each side of the card, you must decide how you want to position your visual branding.

You may want to have a full side of your business card for only the logo. This will capture your potential client’s attention and draw them to your card, especially if you have an effective and eye-catching logo.

The colour scheme of your card should also compliment your logo and will increase the recognition of your brand in the eyes of potential clients.

It is important to consider the visual flow of your card. A successful business card design will usually feature the logo as the first thing the client sees, followed by the name—lastly, secondary information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

Step 5: Add any text

Next, you want to add text. Think about the message you want to present to the client on your card. What audience is your brand targeting? How would you like them to respond?

Keep in mind the visual flow of your card. Leaving some white space can be effective in creating a good visual flow on your card and will emphasise different elements such as the logo and contact information.

You do not want to fill your business card with too much text. It may be a good idea to only include your contact details and some secondary information, and tell your client they can visit your website, social media page or call for more information.

Step 6: Consider a special finish

Here at Space Print, we offer special finishes on our cards to help your clients leave lasting impressions on their clients.

You may want a matt finish for a professional look if you’ll be handing your business card at meetings, a gloss finish for a more flashy look, or a glitter finish for some extra sparkle. Remember to select a finish that aligns with your brand.

Visit our business card product page to see all of our finished customisation options.

Step 7: Consider including a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Whilst it is not essential, you may want to include a Call-To-Action (CTA). This can be an effective way to prompt your client to take further action.

For example, you may ask the client to call or email for more information, or you may ask for them to visit your store or office to buy your product.

Step 8: Carefully proofread

There is nothing worse than a typo to ruin a great first impression and stop you from getting a new customer. Make sure you double-check and proofread over and over again to avoid this mistake.

Step 9: Get a second opinion

Ask friends, family, colleagues, or even your social media following.

  • What do they think of your business card design?
  • Do they like the logos, the style, fonts, the shapes, i.e. rounded corners, the special finishes?
  • Do they believe these reflect represent your brand image?
  • Do they understand the main message being communicated on the card?
  • How could the card be improved and have more impact on potential customers?

Step 10: Order!

This last step is simple… Order!

Business Card Template

Do you know you have what it takes to create your own business card designs? Then why not use our free business card templates as a starting point to get creative!

Golden Rules for Designing Your Business Cards

1) Keep it simple

Don’t over-complicate your business card. Also, don’t overthink… simplicity is key!

2) Don’t use too many colours

Using too many colours can be distracting from your message. Selecting just a few colours for your colour scheme is the best approach. Less is always more!

3) Include an eye-catching logo

Make sure you include an eye-catching logo to draw attention to your card. This will help create a good first impression of your brand.

4) Clear, easy to read typography

Your potential customer should have no issues reading your typography. If they do, your card will be less impactful. This may be the difference between getting a new client/customer and not.

Final Thoughts

We have shown you why you need a business card, key considerations before making a business card, and how to make business cards with Space Print.

Remember, your card is more than just your business name and how to contact you. You want your card to stand out from the millions of other business cards and reflect your brand identity.


Are business cards still effective marketing materials?

Business cards are certainly still effective marketing materials. Many overlook the impact they can have in promoting your business. Not only is it easy to hand them out, but it is also a great way to make the perfect first impression that has a lasting effect on your client.

What’s the best paper stock for a business card?

The best paper stock will vary from card to card. It can be another way to add that extra impact to your card.

Thick paper adds luxury, which you may want for high-end clients, whereas recycled paper may be suited for a more sustainable business. It’s up to you to decide based on your brand identity.

Where should contact information go on a business card?

Most business cards dedicate one side to contact information. Many of our clients with the most effective business cards have employed this strategy with success!

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