Networking Business Cards

Have you thought about a business card for your personal brand or to make your business easy to find? Some people think the age of business cards has come to end, but that’s not quite the case.

It’s true that many products and services have successfully gone digital in recent times, but there is also evidence of analogue products coming back.

In this article, you will find out what you need to know about business networking cards and what they can do for you!

Networking Business Cards Explained

There’s been a digital revolution! Now 7.9 million online retailers operate globally. Business people are taking advantage of online platforms like LinkedIn profiles to search and connect like never before.

All of this is exciting, but does it mean the old ways are gone?

The marketing practices of the past have not disappeared; they have evolved. Business cards, for instance, are practices from the pre-digital days that still have plenty of value.

In short, a business card is a personal and professional connection.

A business card is a small printed card that you carry in your purse or wallet. You might carry one or many if you travel to a networking event. The humble business card is an excellent brand sign and way to introduce yourself.

It’s not only an ice breaker! It lets you get on with important industry conversations while still providing future clients with the search data they need to get in touch.

What Exactly Should Be Included On Networking Business Cards?

You want your networking business card to stand out on a search, but it must include the right contact info as well! Striking a balance between these two aspects can make all the difference.


Always fill in your full name on the business card, and fill in your employer’s names too.

The name for your personal business card is the one you use professionally. It’s fine if this is different from your official name.

Job title

You need to tell people exactly what you do, and what you can do for them. To give them a better idea of this, use a specific job title.

A digital content writer might become a social events manager or digital media ad specialist, for example. Fill this out on your card so people know exactly what you do!

Contact information

It’s important that new contacts can reach you or your employer easily. If contacting you is difficult or delayed, they will quickly fill their role with someone else.

Include your business mobile number and any useful internet contact details and links.


You might have a website for your business or portfolio – it’s important to put its URL on your business card so future clients can see the work you do first-hand.

Having a high-quality online presence and portfolio is an excellent way to add value to your profile.

A summary of your services

As with a resume, it’s a good idea to put a short professional summary on your business card. A good place for this is usually on the back!

In two sentences, you want to summarise what you do and where you want to go next to make things happen.

How To Create Great Networking Business Cards

Whether you work for a company or for yourself, you need a business networking card that speaks to your brand. The business card you give out should specify the type of work you do and your professional standards.

Spend some time working out your corporate brand values and how these influence the style you want for your business card.

There are different templates to choose from that give you a broad and efficient overview of networking card possibilities. But, if you have another idea for your business card, you can communicate this through a custom design.

Here at Space print, we allow you to upload bespoke artwork to personalise your brand with a custom background or a QR code. Make sure the design works for you and fits with your professional objectives.

When your business cards have been designed they can be printed in bulk and then delivered. It’s good to have a large stock of them for networking events or for connecting with surprise clients!

The Benefits Of Using Business Cards For Networking


Corporate networking cards are cost-effective, especially when you partner with a professional agency like Space Print.

When you have designed your photo card, including QR codes, you have it on file. Bulk orders can be made cheaply and your orders can be modified at short notice.

Perfect for events

Trade shows and exhibitions are excellent places to meet a new connection. Often, however, these potential clients don’t want to make split-second decisions.

It’s only later, on the way home, that they reflect on the benefits of your offer. That’s when your corporate networking photo card becomes incredibly valuable. They have a physical reminder of what you can offer them in their wallet or purse.

Physical and tangible

There has been a revolutionary shift to digital in recent times, but the shift is almost too extreme! People still love analogue products like vinyl and paperbacks.

Standard business cards are part of the comeback! Make your corporate card eye-catching and people will want to fix it on their fridge.


Business cards are a cleverly designed resume! They are made to be exactly the right size and shape to fit in a wallet or purse.

They are also an excellent size to display on countertops and to fit on a fridge with a magnet. This tangible compact card is also easy for you to carry and distribute.

Can be displayed

A person might exchange a corporate card at trade shows. But that isn’t the only way they can be used. Business cards can be displayed free in places of interest to access your target audience.

This increases your brand visibility and your customer base. Remember to include links, a QR code, and your address.


Are business cards important for a networking event?

Yes! Meeting people is easy but it only counts if they remember the conversation and accept the corporate card you gave them.

Make the search easy for them and include your address on one card or many.

What are some ways I could use a networking business card?

Exchange your business cards at networking market events or with potential contacts you meet. Display them in places of interest to effectively target your audience.

Can I use free templates to create my networking business card?

Yes! There are many free templates for corporate contacts cards available, but it’s also a good idea to customise yours as well for marketing.

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