Rounded Or Square Business Cards

Are you a person who likes to think outside of the box? You might not have considered the possibility of different shaped business cards which aren’t rectangular or square. But did you know you can actually get business cards with rounded corners?

Opting for a more unique design for your business cards could help to leave a lasting impression on potential clients, but they aren’t right for every company or industry.

We’ll take you through the differences between business cards with rounded and square corners, as well as the pros and cons of each, so you can decide for yourself which is right for you.

The Importance Of An Eye-catching Business Card

Business cards are often the first impression you will leave with a potential client or business acquaintance. When handing out or distributing business cards, the last thing you want is for someone to put them in their pocket, wallet or purse, and never pick it up again.

For this reason, it’s really important to have a well-designed, eye-catching card which sticks in peoples minds and advertises your companies logo. Having a unique business card can really make a difference, as people are more likely to pick it up again or share it with friends and acquaintances.

You need to make sure that the design of your card is compatible with your businesses brand perception. This includes decisions made about whether to have a glossy or matte card, the thickness of the paper stock, the size, the font and, of course, whether to have rounded corners or traditional, square corners.

The Difference Between Rounded and Square Business Cards Explained

Business cards with square corners are the ‘standard fit’: they’re probably what comes to mind when you think of a company card. It made sense for the very first print business cards (back in the 17th century) to be printed on square-cornered pages as, well, this was the only paper stock that existed.

For this reason, they tend to be most common, and most appropriate for, industries that tend to be very ‘straight’ and traditional, where customers and clients are looking for trusted businesses to provide reliable services: such as banking, tech companies, or those providing medical services.

Alternatively, business cards with rounded corners are essentially the same as traditional business cards except with the corners rounded off, to give a squoval shape. A card with rounded corners could help to paint your business as forward-thinking, quirky and open-minded – making them a popular choice for creative professionals and unique start-ups.

How To Decide Which Card Design Type Is Best For Your Business

So, now you know the difference between square and rounded cards. But how do you know which of these business card options is best for you?

Look, we’d all like to be different, but breaking the mould isn’t always the best idea for every business. Your business card is a reflection of your brand image, so you need to think carefully about your target market and the first impression you want to give to potential clients when deciding on which card design type is best for you.

If your firm operates in a more traditional industry, or perhaps if your clientele is likely to be of the older generation, you might want to stick to square corner business cards in order to ‘fit the mould’.

Certain industries, such as the medical or banking professions, need potential customers to place a lot of trust in them, and for this reason, you may not want to come across as a boundary pusher.

Alternatively, if you’re entering a new market, or starting an innovative or creative firm, then choosing a more unique, eye-catching business card design could be a great idea, as it could reflect the creativity of your company and leave a parting impression on potential clients.

Rounded Business Cards: Pros & Cons

Breaking it down, some of the key pros of rounded cards include:

  • They maintain their shape better: square cornered cards tend to get battered and dog-eared over time.
  • They are more likely to stand out of the crowd.
  • They are modern-looking and quirky.

The cons of rounded cards include:

  • They take off that sharp edge which could paint your business as less impactful.
  • They could put off customers looking for more traditional businesses, and older clients who are more hesitant to try something new.

Square Business Cards: Pros & Cons

The pros of square cards include:

  • They are a classic, time-tested look (it’s hard to go wrong with a square card).
  • They give off a strong, business-driven impression.
  • Best for traditional industries such as accounting, banking and medical professionals.

However, the cons include:

  • They get damaged more easily.
  • They are more easily looked over.
  • They don’t portray anything unique or design-led.


Which is the more popular design of business cards between rounded corners or square corners?

Overall, square-cornered business cards are probably the most universally popular: they have been the default design option for as long as we can remember.

That being said, in the creative industries unique shapes such as cards with round corners are growing in popularity, as more businesses are looking for ways of leaving a lasting impression.

Are there any drawbacks to using rounded corner business cards?

Using a rounded business card can be considered ‘unprofessional’ by certain, typically more traditional, industries. They can also put off older clients who tend to expect a square-cornered design.

Which design is best to help my business card stand out?

For a unique option, we would always suggest going with something a bit different, like using round corners.

Seeing as most businesses opt for rectangular cards, alternative options break the mould and can make people remember your business, or pick up the card again.

Will my customers really see the difference with a round or square design?

In short, yes! Your business card is marketing material for your business and is often the first impression a customer will get of your business

The design you choose will impart a lasting impression on your clients so it needs to be a decision that fits with your brand’s image, and is worth taking some time to consider.

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