Linen Business Cards Vs Matte

Linen and matte business cards are some of our most popular cards here at Space Print – and for good reason.

Both cards combine a premium, tactile finish with a professional aesthetic. However, despite these shared qualities, they couldn’t be more different.

If you’re finding it difficult to determine which business card stock is best for your business and the impression you’d like to make, this is the place to be. We’re going to take a look at what separates matte business cards from their linen counterparts, as well as the benefits both offer.

What’s The Difference Between A Matte And A Linen Business Card?

There are a few differences between matte and linen cards, but perhaps the most striking is the texture of the paper.

First up, linen business cards utilise finely woven paper to provide an elegant, modern finish.

This woven texture adds a reassuring sense of legitimacy to your business card without detracting from the vital information it contains. The tactile nature of the linen paper also creates a feeling of familiarity and comfort within the recipient; a valuable quality that cannot be overstated.

At the other end of the spectrum, matte business cards provide a classic, smooth finish without the sheen and gloss of a traditional card. As a result, this uncoated business card design lends itself to being written upon.

So, if you’re an avid note scribbler, matte finishes are a great option.

How To Decide Between Matte Business Cards and Linen Business Cards

First of all, it’s important to state that there’s no right answer to this quandary! All of the styles and marketing materials we offer at Space Print are of premium quality and, indeed, have their own unique selling points.

As a result, if you’re struggling to choose between a matte or linen business card, you have to consider what image you’re trying to convey for your company.

As stated above, business cards with a linen finish have the ability to immediately draw the eye, are tactile and pleasing to touch, and create a sense of familiarity and trust.

So, if your business thrives off of a family-friendly image or your main marketing target falls within that demographic, linen cards are a perfect option.

Meanwhile, matte business cards are a classic style favoured by many. The matt finish is understated yet subtly effective, and the silky smooth texture gives them a great feel.

As stated previously, then, the answer to this particular question is entirely subjective. However, rest assured that both linen and matte business cards will help establish your business as a legitimate, valuable brand.

The Importance Of Choosing The Correct Type Of Professional Business Card Design

It’s vital to select the correct type of professional card design. Why? Because business cards act to solidify your first impression. As such, they represent you and your company and influence the lasting image you leave behind.

In Australia, and indeed globally, a business card is a crucial tool in a networking businessperson’s arsenal. In fact, recent polls suggest that over 70% of people judge a business’s value purely by the standard of its business card.

Consequentially, you could argue that your business card is as important as the impression you make. Selecting the correct type of professional card is vital.

Linen Business Cards: Pros & Cons

Linen cards have many pros and very few cons. Their unique stock gives off a sense of authenticity, making them an excellent choice for those wanting to instil trust in their customers:


  • Eye-catching aesthetic.
  • Tactile, reassuring paper stock.
  • Unique.
  • Provide a professional air of legitimacy.


  • The uneven surface makes writing difficult.

Matte Business Cards: Pros & Cons

Matte cards also have a pleasing tactile feel, albeit on a more conventional card stock than their linen counterpart:


  • Smooth, pleasing paper texture.
  • A reliable staple of the business world.
  • Easily written upon.
  • Provides a premium business aesthetic.


  • Less unique than its linen counterpart.


Are linen business cards or matte business cards better quality?

To be frank, neither. At Space Print, we take printing business cards very seriously and so only provide the highest quality designs, paper type and finished products possible.

As such, whether you order linen, matte, or an uncoated business card, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a premium final product that offers great value for money.

Are there any disadvantages to linen business cards or matte business cards?

As discussed briefly above, all the card stocks we have at Space Print are of the highest quality. Likewise, the positives of every design far outweigh the negatives. Each type of business card has its own attributes and it’s down to you to determine which is right for you.

A factor to consider when considering a linen card is whether the ability to write notes on the card is important to your networking process. This is because the slightly coarse nature of the linen finish doesn’t provide an even surface over which to run the point of a pen.

Similarly, the only disadvantage of a matte finish is the commonality of the design. However, this is relative to the more unique linen cards, so is really not a factor that should sway your decision.

Which type of business card is best for a lasting impression?

All of our business card stocks can make a lasting impression. What the decision comes down to is which design suits you and your business best. Moreover, which type will make the right impression for your company?

With that in mind, think about your target market. Think about your product or service. Would you benefit from a tactile finish or a smoother paper type?

What about textured or gloss? Perhaps if you run a cleaning service, the sterile, squeaky clean impression provided by a shiny gloss finish would be ideal. However, if you’re in child care, the safe familiarity of linen will convey a feeling of comfort.

Also, try to think about the visual design that the card will hold. For example, if you run a graphic design business and plan to display your work on your business card, the texture of a linen card might distort your image slightly.

Ultimately, all you have to determine is what’s right for your business, because the right impression is a lasting impression.

What are the most important things I need to consider when deciding on the type of business card to purchase?

As above, the most important thing(s) you need to consider when deciding on the type of business card to use is what’s right for you and your business. That is to say, which design is a good match for your product and image?

Furthermore, consider the design and contents of your cards carefully. The sleek aesthetic of glossy cards might align with your business perfectly while a matte finish or linen card stock might not.

In short, find a design that you’d be proud to give to your customers and you’ll be on to a winning formula!

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