Should You Put Social Media Icons On Business Cards

Fresh new start-up looking to grow your business name? Displaying your company’s social networks on your business cards along with identifiable social media icons is a great way to allow your recipients to find you easily.

But where should you add social media icons, and what’s the best layout to use for maximum effect? We’ll talk you through all this and more in our handy guide, so keep reading!

What Should Be On A Business Card?

At a minimum, a business card should include your company name, job title and logo. Whatever else you add is completely your choice!

Depending on the business, you may want more or less information on display. For example, an established business may want to keep their business card simple and free from irrelevant text. If this is the case, the above information on your business card will suffice.

In addition to this, adding your own business logo or any other icons that will allow your recipients to spot you online is always a plus – it will also aid in making your brand more recognisable.

You can also try printing a QR code onto your business cards to give your recipients every possible way to follow your business online!

Where To Include Social Media Icons On A Business Card

As long as you add social media icons below your company name, all other aspects are down to personal preference.

Social media logos are more often than not centralised and at the bottom of the card. This allows the owner to first briefly describe to the recipient what the brand is and the services that are offered -before directing them to social media links.

It also depends on the style of card you’re going for, size-wise – a larger card will allow you to add social media icons in a greater variety of formats. For a regular-sized card, all content must remain concise to avoid overcrowding.

Tips For Using Social Media Icons

Link to your social media

When adding any social networks to your business cards, it’s worth displaying both the account handle and writing down any social media links in a clear font, as this will minimise the work your recipients will carry out to find your social media profiles online.

Copyright and royalty-free social media icons are widely available online to display beside your social media handles. By adding these media icons onto your cards, you are including absolutely everything needed to increase your company visibility on the internet.

Keep it simple

Sometimes less is more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own special touch to your business cards!

Add small social media icons and use clean lines on your cards for a sleek and minimalist design. It’s important to remember that these cards are small enough to fit in your pocket – so to avoid overcrowding in an already tight space, it’s best to just stick to the essential information.


Should I add my Twitter to a business card?

It’s completely your call! If your company has a professional social media account for Twitter, it may be worth adding to your business card, as this allows recipients to keep up to date with your business each time you post a tweet.

Twitter is forever growing as a social network, with more and more companies connecting with their audience through the popular platform. If your brand is going to rely on customer interaction to drive sales or word of mouth, then it may be smart to incorporate Twitter into your business cards.

Can I use the Instagram logo on my business card?

Instagram has one of the most recognisable social icons in the game, especially since this particular social media platform grows by millions of users each year. In other words, yes!

Recipients are more likely to have social accounts on Instagram. Whether you’re running small businesses or large, there’s always room to grow by fully optimising your social media platforms and taking advantage of the internet.

Remember that an online identity has never been so crucial in building yourself a business empire in today’s world.

How do I add social media logos to my business card?

Digital marketing materials are widely accessible online, allowing you to download the most popular social media icons to add to your business cards.

Whether you need a YouTube icon, Facebook icon or even the Instagram logo, these online packs provide all of the social media necessities… and the best part? These are usually completely free to download!

Once you’ve downloaded your free social media icons, take yourself to Adobe Photoshop and begin working your magic on your business cards.

If Adobe Photoshop or a similar application isn’t for you, there’s always the option of having your business card professionally made by Space Print – we use only high-quality print material for a sleek and stylish finish.

Space Print creates physical marketing materials to help businesses grow their audiences. Invitation cards, company cards, flyers, and banners are all marketing materials integral to further a brand – and are just a handful of the formats we have expertise in!

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